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A smarter way to learn
Data Management

Get the capabilities you need fast from expert video tuition, interactive exercises and community forums. Track you and your team's progress toward certification, with a host of rich metrics.

Learn by Watching

Learn from 100+ videos that introduce and explain concepts and processes. See how data is analysed in today’s commercial environments. Join now and get access to the best collection of HD learning videos anywhere on the web!

Learn by Doing

Real understanding comes from hands-on analysis of real data in real datasets. Learn by working through carefully crafted scenarios that guide thinking and develop understanding – practicals with real data files, dynamically generated by the DQRB Data Engine.

Learn at your own pace, wherever you are

Busy much? We thought so. Connect to learn from your tablet or PC whenever you have the time. With topics organised in bite-sized chunks, we’ll guide you all the way from novice to expert - helping revisit and reinforce concepts as we go.

Track your learning

DQ Learning records comprehensive individual & team metrics to help you monitor progress and direct focus to where it needs to be. Analyse team learning, and compare progress of team members and team groups. Check out the dashboard for a summary of all modules, including those already mastered and those yet to study.


DQ Learning integrates Q&A and discussion right into the learning environment. Ask a question and get answers from reputable users with proven skills. Be mentored by a Coach. Coaches check-in on learning and offer personal direction and support.

Prove yourself! DQ Learning rewards your achievement with reputation points, badges & privileges.


Mastering all courses earns you the status of Data Quality Associate (DQA). Formalise your expertise by taking the DQ Learning exam, and become Data Quality Certified (DQQC).

Extensive coverage

DQ Learning covers all the main data analysis topics, plus content on implementation in commercial environments.